Socially Responsible Investing



The desire to invest responsibly has never been stronger among investors. At Crestone, we work with a wide range of investors, including high-net-worth clients, family offices, not-for-profit and faith-based organisations who are looking to align their investments with their values.

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Like any investment decision, we believe the first and most important step in aligning your investments with your values starts with you. That’s why we take the time to not only understand your individual circumstances and goals—but to also understand your values, your beliefs and your priorities.

While investing responsibly can take on many forms, it generally involves integrating some combination of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, ethical values, or investing in a way that impacts or promotes global sustainability.

Some of our clients wish to fully align their investments with their values, while others are looking to progressively shift their portfolios onto a more responsible footing.


For many of our clients, the COVID-19 crisis has unearthed issues that they care deeply about. At Crestone, we help our clients navigate these issues while maintaining a deep focus on building globally diversified portfolios that are resilient through cycles.

Importantly, we believe that socially responsible investing doesn’t have to come at the cost of diversification or returns. So, whether you’re considering investing in managed funds that are ESG-aware or sustainably focused, or individual securities, we can select products and analyse holdings based on your specific ESG and values criteria.


Some of the greatest challenges investors face when implementing sustainable investments is a lack of access to reliable and comparable data, as well as standardised measurement frameworks, tools and resources*. At Crestone, our access to world-leading research and ESG analytics, as well as our proprietary SRI framework and comprehensive product offering, ensure we are well placed to help you achieve your goals.


Superior financial and social return

Whether your objective is to maximise financial performance, focus on your principles, solve global challenges, or maximise change, our SRI framework allows us to clearly and rigorously tailor your portfolio to help align your investments with your values.  


Access to reliable and comparable impact data

We draw on research provided by MSCI ESG Research Inc., a world leader in responsible investing analytics, Morningstar and Australian Impact Investments (Aii). Aii is a specialist consulting firm that provides advice to clients seeking to mobilise capital to create positive environmental and social impact alongside financial value.'


A commitment to responsible investing

We are a proud member of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia, the peak industry body representing responsible, ethical and impact investors across Australia and New Zealand. We also focus on identifying investments consistent with achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. These 17 goals are a blueprint for co-ordinated investment initiatives to promote sustainable development across borders.


Best-in-class managers

We work with best-in-class partners to deliver one of the most comprehensive and global product offerings in Australian wealth management.



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* Source: Responsible Investment Association Australasia Impact Investment Report 2020



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