Crestone Wealth Management

To underpin your investment strategy and support your investment objectives, we offer one of the most comprehensive and global product and service offerings in Australian wealth management.

With access to an unrivalled network of strategic partners and specialist investment managers, our offering includes investment solutions across multiple asset classes, both locally and internationally.

Products and Services

Multi-currency services

Our multi-currency services include a range of cash and lending products, services and facilities across a broad choice of currencies to support your investment activities and portfolio management.

Cash management services—cash at call and term deposits. Cash at call accounts are primarily used as settlement facilities.

Lending—margin lending, term loans and current accounts with overdraft facilities across nine currencies.

Foreign currency transactions—spot and forward contracts across 15 currencies. We also offer automatic foreign currency transactions to facilitate international investments on your behalf.

Fixed Income

We offer access to fixed income securities across a range of markets and security types.

We have an open architecture approach to trade fixed income over-the-counter securities. Market access is provided by a variety of major fixed income counterparties domestically and internationally.


We offer access to domestic equities listed on the ASX and international equities listed on a broad range of international exchanges. For investors wanting to trade in international investments, we also offer automatic foreign currency transactions to support this.

Whether you're looking for capital growth or if you want to maximise income from your investments, our equity specialists draw on market-leading global research so we can present you with the most compelling investment opportunities.

Real Estate

If you're looking to invest in real estate, we can provide access to a range of portfolio management options in this sector.

Our offering includes unrivalled access to the listed real estate market both locally and internationally, as well as a strong pipeline of opportunities in the unlisted space.


We offer access to a range of strategies in the alternatives space including hedge funds, private equity and venture capital, as well as structured products, warrants and other derivatives.

Hedge funds

Our investment partnerships with leading local and international hedge funds mean you can benefit from access to some of the best hedge fund investment opportunities. In many cases we've secured access to funds that are closed to new investment, or that are on preferential terms.

Private equity and venture capital

As our client, you can take advantage of opportunities that arise in early and late stage private markets. This includes investing in a range of direct and indirect vehicles, both domestically and internationally.

Structured products, warrants and other derivatives

Our primary structured products service provider is the UBS group who offers a range of bespoke structured products across asset classes, markets and geographies.

Discretionary Portolio Management Service

This service allows your day-to-day portfolio investment decisions for some or all of your portfolio to be delegated to a dedicated portfolio manager.

By delegating the management of part or all of your portfolio to us, we can provide you with access to a top-tier product shelf across asset classes, markets and currencies. We also screen institutional-quality investment managers from across the globe so your assets are invested by world-class investment professionals, all within the bounds of an agreed mandate.

Our multi-asset class discretionary portfolios cover four mandate offerings (yield, balanced, growth and equity) where you can choose a stand-alone model to fill each asset class within that mandate. By investing in our discretionary portfolios, this means you can be aligned with our house investment strategy at all times.

Liquidity management

We offer access to a multi-currency, multi-asset class lending solution with a wide universe of acceptable collateral including equities, fixed income, managed funds and other securities.

We've partnered with Credit Suisse AG, Sydney Branch to provide our liquidity management offering. It allows you to borrow, invest and transact in foreign currencies, and enables you to gain broader diversification in your investment portfolio.

Capital Markets

We provide access to capital markets offers including initial public offers and hybrid offers on the ASX, institutional placements, entitlement offers and block trades.

Our distribution agreement with UBS AG, Australia Branch means you can benefit from access to domestic primary and secondary offerings:

  • initial public offers on the ASX;
  • listed debt or hybrid security offers on the ASX; and
  • institutional placements, entitlement offers and block trades.

We also provide open architecture access to a broad range of over-the-counter fixed income securities from a range of domestic and international fixed income counterparties:

  • domestic corporate issuers in Australian dollars and foreign currencies;
  • international corporate issuers in Australian dollars; and
  • Commonwealth Government and state government bond offers.

Wealth Planning

Our wealth planning service means you can benefit from expert advice from a dedicated wealth planner and investment adviser on a range of areas.

With our wealth planning service, we take a highly personalised approach in providing you with investment advice. Working with a dedicated wealth planner and investment adviser, you will receive specialist advice on a range of areas including:

  • estate planning;
  • retirement planning and superannuation;
  • insurance and risk management;
  • philanthropy;
  • succession planning; and
  • tax.