A Q&A with The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull AC

Disruption, innovation and climate change

The fight against climate change is characterised by two steps forward and one step back, yet the direction is inevitable, and as the world shifts from a carbon-based economy, there will be an enormous amount of disruption and innovation. History has shown that change does not happen in a steady, linear fashion. Instead, thresholds are passed, and the changes that occur are rapid and non-linear. While this presents risks for investors, it also brings an enormous amount of opportunity.

On Tuesday 4 May 2021, we were joined by The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull AC, former Prime Minister of Australia, who provided his insights on climate change and the associated challenges and opportunities that are likely to have an impact on investors. The session was facilitated by Crestone’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Chisholm, and Chief Investment Officer, Scott Haslem. The key points from our webinar are summarised in this article.